- Caryn C.

"Words cannot describe how appreciative we are of all that Ms Kelley has done.  Molly Claire loved seeing Ms Kelley each week and was always excited to be going to the “fun doctor” as she would say. To say that Molly Claire matured and grew in just a year would be an understatement. A once emotional, unfocused, and uncoordinated little girl has now become so much more determined and focused at school.  She now has self esteem and can practice different coping techniques to help get through any challenging situations. Not only has Molly Claire grown leaps and bounds, but I feel that as a mother and family we have a better understanding of what it is like to be Molly Claire and how to better navigate discipline and our reactions to her behavior.  Ms Kelley made a huge impact on our home and everyday lives and we will always be so grateful to her and the time she spent with Molly Claire.  We love Ms. Kelley!!!"

- Tiffany S.

"My son received therapy services from Kelley for just over two years and the early intervention in his life has made a world of difference with his motor development and social and emotional wellness. I cannot recommend Kelley highly enough as she is an amazingly talented and gifted therapist who brings skill, knowledge, and talent to each child she serves. Kelley is one of those rare gems that you go seeking to unearth while searching for help and support for your children. Any child is in amazing hands with her."


- Maria H.

"Kelley saved my family!  Before starting OT with Kelley, even the simplest request or task could send my son, Sidney, into a full meltdown – resulting in a tough day for all of us.  He had issues with body awareness, spatial relation, and planning and sequencing as well as social skill problems and trouble playing with other kids.  Kelley helped him (and me) figure out what was causing his frustration and came up with a plan to help him manage and learn.  The difference in Sidney between then and now is amazing.  I could never have imagined him playing on a playground happily.  Or asking for playdates with other kids – and understanding how to play with them.  He successfully does so many things that would have caused so much aggravation before.  The best part is that he LOVED going to OT with Kelley.  It was a fun hour of what he perceived as play.  He never complained or even realized that he had a challenging time with her.  He looked forward to going and learning – and then teaching us all the new games!   We are forever grateful for Kelley’s ability to help Sidney better manage his body and emotions.  It has been an incredible transformation and our lives are better for having worked with her."

- Jamie M.